Announcement: Choleslo Review – Will this Natural Cholesterol Reducer Work For You?

Choleslo Review Verdict (full review below):

Choleslo not only assists in lowering cholesterol and maintaining healthy cholesterol levels, but also addresses other heart concerns like homocysteine and triglyceride levels. It is an excellent heart health supplement with a proven track record and almost no reported side effects.

We recommend it highly as a safe supplement for cholesterol and heart health management. Click Here to Buy Choleslo (use coupon code cs15OFFcl to save 15%)

Full Review

In this revealing Choleslo review we’ll uncover the facts about this cholesterol management supplement and tell you whether it is worth trying, or just another gimmick.

For many people, using prescription medicine containing statins is no longer an option in their fight against cholesterol.

An increasing amount of research is not only questioning the actual effectiveness of statins, but also raising concerns about the often severe side effects that are part and parcel of this medication. These include muscle cramps and myopathy (muscular weakness), tendon inflammation, CoQ10 depletion and cognitive dysfunction.

A better, safer method of cholesterol control is needed. HFL Solutions, the manufacturer of Choleslo, believe they have the answer.

choleslo reviewsCholeslo Review – Introduction

Choleslo is claimed to contain 17 clinically proven cholesterol lowering ingredients as the basis of a natural, organic formula. It also claims to have 155,000 satisfied users, with some interesting and very promising documented results.

The product offers an impressive guarantee: if your cholesterol does not improve by 30 points in 30 days, you not only get a refund, but the company will also pay you an additional $100 in cash.

In addition to that, the product is fully guaranteed for a year, so you have plenty of time to properly use it.

Clearly, HFL has a lot of confidence in their product. Let’s see if the actual results back up that confidence.

The Ingredients – Potent or Hogwash?

Obviously, the ingredients are what makes Choleslo tick. We won’t discuss all ingredients, although we’re happy with the fact that there are at least some clinical evidence to support the inclusion of every one of them in a cholesterol lowering supplement.

Here are some notes on the key ingredients to help you better understand what they are and how and why they may help in balancing your cholesterol.

– Artichoke extract: Numerous studies on rats and hamsters have proven that artichoke extract can significantly improve cholesterol balance.

Since you’re neither a rat nor a hamster, you’ll be pleased to know that human studies, such as one done in Poland on members of the Polish rowing team, also showed a marked reduction in total cholesterol levels compared to the placebo control group.

– CoQ10: Coenzyme Q10 is a natural antioxidant and vital to cell activity and generating the energy our cells need to function optimally.

The depletion of CoQ10 is one of the most devastating side effects of statins. It is no coincidence that the symptoms of CoQ10 depletion also correspond to many of the side effects suffered by statin users.

– Sytrinol: Sytrinol is a highly acclaimed and widely supported natural cholesterol lowering supplement, which has been shown to not only decrease LDL (bad cholesterol) and triglycerides, but also to marginally increase HDL (good cholesterol).

In addition to this it decreases artery inflammation and lubricates platelets, thereby reducing the chances of blood clot formation.

– Red Yeast Rice: Enough studies have shown that red yeast rice can significantly reduce LDL cholesterol. However, it can also be dangerous because it produces a toxic substance during fermentation. We’ll see lower down in this article whether Choleslo addresses this problem.

– Policosanol: Studies have shown that a nutraceutical treatment containing policosanol can decrease LDL cholesterol by up to 31%, while not affecting the levels of HDL (good) cholesterol.

Pantethine: This is a biologically active derivative of Vitamin B5, and has been shown to reduce cholesterol and prevent inflammation.

On the ingredient side, Choleslo certainly seems to provide a potent cocktail of clinically proven cholesterol lowering ingredients. If these ingredients are properly formulated, good results seem entirely plausible.

What About Overall Heart Health?

Maintaining a healthy cholesterol count is not the only factor to consider in the fight against heart disease. Many researchers now consider homocysteine levels to be an even more accurate indicator of impending heart problems.

HFL covers this as well by including crucial B-vitamins (B9, B6 & B12) in their Choleslo formula, helping to control this crucial heart disease factor.

The formula also contains proven ingredients to help cleanse the liver (Milkthistle, NAC), lower triglycerides and inflammation (Turmeric) and a blood sugar regulator (r+ ALA).

Much more than just a cholesterol managing supplement, Choleslo takes care of the most important aspects of overall heart health.

Any Complaints about Choleslo?

Let’s get one thing straight about the internet: if a product doesn’t work, or people feel ripped off by a purchase they made, they will complain anywhere and everywhere. The good news is that we struggled to find any negative press on Choleslo.

On, HFL Solutions as a company has only 9 complaints against them for the last 5 years, relating mostly to billing issues and related misunderstandings. So far, so good.

cholesloSo, How Effective is Choleslo in the Real World?

One of the things that struck us when we first started investigating Choleslo was the sheer number of positive reviews they had that was backed up by documentation and written accounts from users. In other words, verifiable. Many of the actual blood tests are viewable on the Choleslo web page. This is rare in the supplement industry and quite impressive.

Here are some excerpts to demonstrate user results with Choleslo:

“My cholesterol dropped 120 pts (45% decrease) and triglycerides an insane amount at 189 pt drop (53% decrease). I can’t tell you how happy I am … I mean, words can’t describe it. I feel better … my doctor is happy … I’m saving money and my liver enzymes were back to normal too!”
Sherri Felix (taken from product website)

“Well, as you’ve seen in my blood tests, after 2 months of using CholesLo, my cholesterol dropped a whopping 50% – CUT IN HALF!”
Sam Doot (taken from product website)

“I started using CholesLo at a low dose for a month, and felt nothing bad. I then increased it to the recommended 2 caps, 2x daily and I took the weekends off. I simply did that for a few months before I finally had to do a yearly check up with my doctor.

I then got the results and WOW, I couldn’t believe it – almost a 100 pt drop and 20 points LOWER than when I was on Zocor!”
Tracy Blount (taken from product website)

“Total cholesterol dropped from 213 to 189. Triglyceride from 229 to 129 and VLDL from 46 to 26. HDL was unchanged (62 – 60).”
– W M Tilson ( verified purchase review)

On Choleslo maintains a 4.1 out of 5 stars rating, with no negative reviews about the results produced by the product.

A Few Concerns and Cautions

No product is perfect, and this is no exception.

We were concerned with the inclusion of red yeast rice in Choleslo. During fermentation, red yeast rice produces a toxic by-product called “citrinin”. This can damage the body and liver in the same way that statins do, which is why we would never recommend taking red yeast rice on its own to combat high cholesterol.

However, citrinin has been removed in the Choleslo formulation, making the small red yeast rice extract that the product contains quite safe.

Choleslo Side Effects

The amount of ingredients this product contains can make it more effective, but can also work against it. The more different ingredients a product contains, the higher the chance that any one of them can cause some form of adverse effect.

So far though, the ingredients in Choleslo seem well thought out and well formulated, as we struggled to find any reports of significant side effects.

Buying Choleslo: Your Best Options + Choleslo Coupon Code

Choleslo is best purchased directly from the HFL website. You can also purchase it from, but when buying more than one bottle you get a much better deal from HFL.

One bottle costs $49.97, with the best deal being three bottles for $99. Shipping is $6.83 per order.

Regular Choleslo Coupon Code:
At the time of this writing you can use the coupon code cs15OFFcl to save 15% on Choleslo. It seems they use the same code every month, but we’ll update this article if it ever changes.

Special Time Sensitive Coupon Code:
None at present.

Be aware that they have a monthly auto-ship option which saves you money, but will automatically bill you every month. Be careful when buying that you don’t choose this option if auto billing is not something you are comfortable with.

You can, however, consider doing this to save $10 per bottle once you’re happy that the product works for you.


Choleslo seems to deliver on its promise of providing a safe, natural way to not only lower LDL and triglycerides, but also balance your cholesterol profile. We could find little to no negative press on the product, with plenty of positive reviews and a potent formulation of clinically proven ingredients.

HFL Solutions is also HPLC Tested, NSF & GMP certified, signifying that they comply with the highest standards of purity and safety.

Click Here to Buy Choleslo Directly From HFL Solutions, or to simply read more about the product

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